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Pokemon AU - Marina by Elevera Pokemon AU - Marina by Elevera
I was bored and since I really love Pokémon atm I thought why not?

Marina and her dad Archer are originally from Hoenn but they often take vacations to stay in Alola to visit granpop. Mar honestly loves Alola's weather and beaches but with how freakishly friendly everyone always is leaves her a bit unsettled. Of course she'd fit in just fine with Team Skull seeing as she's a fuckin' hooligan. In this verse her scales/gills would just be fancy tattoos. She loves aquatic life seeing as her dad is well, pirate dad. When living in Hoenn with all the Team Aqua commotion going on people would often mistake Archer as Archie and it was often a mess. Archer is just a humble seadog that takes care of water Pokémon for a living. I'll make a ref for Archer when I get the chance omg

Hoenn outfit, Alola outfit, and skull grunt outfit! the pokeball is her aggron's. she's an idiot and caught the little bugger in a diveball

Marina's team consists of;

Aggron - Skullie ♂

Dusclops - Nightmare ♂

Magikarp - Whiskers ♀

Garchomp - Matilda ♀

Seviper - Vipes ♂

Mareanie - Quilly ♀

She's not the best at naming her children. Her starter was her baby Skullie that she picked up and brought home when she was little. The smol Aron was scared shitless but eventually warmed up to his tiny mom. Now he's the big scurry Skullie. Next up was Nightmare which was her first legitimate catch. Mar was out being a dumb hooligan and this time it was her turn to get the piss scared outta her. She managed to catch the wee Duskull and add him to the crew. Whiskers was a mistake. Marina found the little lass flopping about next to a lake and decided to toss a pokeball at her. Boom. Her very own Magikarp that refuses to evolve. Her Garchomp, Matilda, was a gift from her granpop. She was named after her grandma that she never got to meet. Sentimental but kickass shark gift. Vipes was a must have after she got her dumbass bit by him. Mar chased that snake around for hours until finally coaxes him out of tall grass in promises of pokeblocks. Last we have Quilly. Upon countless visits to Alola Marina finally spotted the elusive Mareanie and wanted one so badly that she got her dad to sit down and fish for one with her. Hours of work paid off and she got herself her very own Mareanie.

Marina all and all doesn't pursue much despite being an aggressive trainer. She considers her Pokémon more friends than anything and treats them as such. The only time she battles is when her Pokémon are feeling restless or when she needs some good pocket cash. She's much more likely to tackle a Pokémon head on herself rather than take out one of her own.
mar isn't that bright and tbh needs something to do with herself besides trying to get her magikarp to evolve (she won't she probs ate an everstone or something the silly fish)
She has a Seviper tattoo on her arm, a Duskull/Dusclops tattoo on her chest, an Aggron tattoo on her leg, and she's planning on getting a Gyarados tattoo on her back when Whiskers

Base by~ :iconselenaede:
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watermelon-adopt Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
Queen of my heart 
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omg I'm so happy you hear you like her! ;v;
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She looks so cool *0*
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Look how beautiful she is

This is 10/10 good shit 
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